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Chocolate Hills, Bohol

A visit to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines is a nice stop around the island. It’s one of the most iconic landscapes of this part of the Philippines and worth the hour and a half drive away from the main city of Tagbilaran. Along the way, you will drive through the Man-made Forest, a series of tall-almost-connected trees through the highway up the mountain. It’s calm and scenic in the morning with no one around, if you are early enough. Then 20 minutes more and you will be on top of one of the hills to see the more than 1,200 other similar sized hills.

While it may be tempting to crop all the people out of the photo at the lookout, they do provide the best size comparison for all the hills in the background. 

In all directions you can see hills. I just wish I brought a Hershey’s Kiss with me.

After visiting here, you can see the Tarsiers at the many conservations sites in the area.

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