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Kawasan Falls, Philippines

An early morning rise out of bed got us to the Kawasan Waterfalls without any tourist crowd around. The turquoise water changing shade across the morning light and the light roar of a 15 meter waterfall was a sight to see. We had the place to ourselves for a good thirty or more minutes of time – while we enjoyed swimming and sipping on a coffee.

Kawasan is a 40 minute drive outside the city of Moalboal – three hours from the main city of Cebu. It’s probably the most iconic place on the island. You’ll hike up a concrete path for twenty to thirty minutes and can spend time looking at the numerous waterfalls. We decided to stay at waterfall number two, as this was empty at the time we got there. The first falls is more impressive due to the higher falls, and more turquoise water, but it is surrounded by food stalls and you can’t really take it all in due to the crowd. 

So we enjoyed falls two. My friend Eli was visiting from Shanghai for a few days. I haven’t seen him since studying abroad in Brazil five whole years ago. We caught up and had a good time. It was nice to see he was doing more than well. The other person from my study abroad program was Caroline, who went to Sweden with me for the Northern Lights. 

Most of our time was spent taking photos, but we did our best to try to enjoy the moment. Swinging from the rope swing, sliding down the chutes, and hiking above the first falls to some of the other pools, was the best way we could enjoy this day. We spent about three hours here before heading back to Moalboal.

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