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Swimming with Whale Sharks

Sometimes doing the touristy things can turn out surprisingly well and swimming with the whale sharks was exactly that. Despite all the controversy, huge crowds, and long waits, once we got into the water, we were in for a treat. If you’ve ever seen a creature the size of a school bus swim by, only a few feet away, then you’ll understand.

As a beginner mistake, we went on a Saturday morning at 7am hoping to beat the crowds and long queues. We were definitely late to the game. The local crowd was there, as well as visitors from other places in the world. But after two hours of waiting, we secured our spot on a boat. 

It was a quick paddle out, maybe 10 minutes, and once we got to our spot among the boats, we immediately spotted whale sharks – pretty incredible. We quickly put on our snorkel and fins and hopped into the water to see this.

Immediately diving into the water, we saw so many whale sharks swimming around – going in one direction, then turning around and coming back. It was an amazing sight.

The whale sharks swam so close and if you weren’t careful, they might just come from behind and do a sneak attack. 

My friend Eli, who was visiting for four days in the Philippines, was stoked beyond his mind.

I tried to up my selfie game. 

And Julie was just content to swim with these large animals. She probably enjoyed the experience the most, not having to worry about photos and not carrying around a camera or phone.

Even though our visit was 30 minutes in the water with these creatures, it felt like time completely slowed down. We enjoyed every second and it was an experience that I wish we could do again.

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