Upcoming Travels

2/1/2019 Update: Hey everyone, I am traveling to Osaka, Japan on February 5th with a one-way ticket on Scoot Airlines. I’ll be in Japan from the 6th-10th and I am not sure when I am returning to the U.S. for an extended period of time. But right now (in every case) is the right moment. Free of most obligations, savings in check, and passport renewed, I’m ready to embark on the next big adventure! 

I don’t know if this will top the trip I did two years ago, but it will be good. With new sights to see and new intentions of what I would like to get out of this trip, I will be able to see much more of the world, more than I have ever expected to see. 

Now I should probably explain how this is all happening. I imagine the initial thoughts of someone reading this post will be, “wow that’s great Trenton, but how do you afford to travel this much?”. To which I would have to go all the way back to the beginning about when I first dreamed of taking another trip like this. 

At a surface level, I would have to explain, well – you just have to save. Make money and save. That’s the formula. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Making money from my full-time accounting job for two plus years, and then saving every penny I found. But I think it goes farther this formula – this simple way of seeing the world. Surely there are other people who have the means to travel, but they can’t put the money down. They have the ability or potential, but they can’t or don’t want to spend what they have. 

So why is it so? Why is it that people sometimes have the means to travel and don’t? Why is it that people who don’t have the money automatically think “I don’t have enough” and they don’t make an effort to change their situation?

These questions have been running through my mind lately. I’ve been trying to figure out the root of these thoughts.

I really disliked the question of “how do you afford to travel so much?”. Because my answer would be – how could you not afford to travel so much? What excuses would you make about why you can’t go? Would it be your money? Would it be your job? Would it be any other reason other than love? Every answer that I’ve heard has been based on fear. Fearful of losing his or her job. Fearful of losing the status in life – his or her lifestyle. Fearful of disappointing others. Fearful of not having enough money.

And for me, these were always the fears that I had too. Before starting to travel, I was scared of not having enough money. I was scared of losing my job. I was scared of not living up to what others thought of me. Fearful of what dangers may lie ahead.

But I think I’ve lived to long of my life in this way. And it’s time to change.

If life is based on either fear or love – and all emotions, all choices, all ways of thinking based on these two concepts – then I think you should choose love. And that makes the difference. 

I love traveling too much to stop. And I’m not going to let fears get in the way of me starting. So this is the beginning of another journey. One to discover what it truly means to live. Fear or love – that’s all it is.

Places to visit this trip: Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Timor-leste, Philipines, and if things go well, a few more.

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